email capture best practices

Email Capture Best Practices: 40 Tips and Examples

I’ve captured over 1 million email addresses in the last 5 years. It took me quite a while to learn what the best practices were, but I did it through research and most importantly, trial and error. I’m going to save you months or even years of time by sharing those best practices with you below, and more specifically, which methods work the best.

The one thing I can’t teach you, is which best practices will work best for you. And that’s something you must remember. The below is a summary of all the best practices, universally agreed upon by most email marketing professionals. However, which specific methods will work best for your audience, is something you have to discover by continual trial and error. Read more

free images for email marketing blogs

10 Free Featured Images for Your Next Email Marketing Post

I’m always looking for free images to use in my next blog post. But that means understating the fine print. Does the license require me to link to the author or mention the designer’s name? Can I use the image on a commercial site, or only my personal site? Can I modify the image and reuse it over and over?

So many questions and concerns!

That’s why I always look for images that fall under the Creative Common Zero license or “CC0”. My usual Google search for this goes something like this… Read more

Content Upgrades

Content Upgrades: The Best Guide on the Internet

With billions of blog articles and web pages online, readers and website visitors are constantly bombarded with requests to subscribe by email. You can’t read anything without being terrorized by endless email subscription forms popping up before, during, and after reading any blog article. Our inboxes are full of so much junk and spam, that consumers have quickly evolved to become more savvy and cautious about who they give their email address out to.

As bloggers and marketers, we must go above and beyond what worked in the past to earn email addresses. Asking politely, and bombarding readers with subscription forms no longer works. Read more